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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 5, 2013 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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cope with the losses. shadow of newtown, connecticut highlights gun sales in the united states and the fight over a subway sandwich. an angry
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good evening. on i'm ama daetz. developing news from east oakland where police are investigating a shooting that left two people wounded. police were called around about 5:30 after residents called about gunshots. one person was shot at that location.
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authorities were also called out to secretary of defense shooting location less than a mile away near i-580. they found a vehicle that collided into a pole. driver's side window was shot out and another person was struck by gunfire. both shooting victims took themselves to the hospital. there is no word on conditions or if any suspects have been arrested. >> the father of a petaluma girl found dead in south lake tahoe he now understands the pain that families go through. she was found dead yesterday. her family hosted a fund-raiser to bring support for families forced to deal with missing and exploited children. nick smith was there. >> melissa touched the hearts of so many people. >> evidence of that can be seen here at beyond the glory in petaluma. they will donate 10% of sales to missing and exploited children inspired by the loss of one of their own. >> she was -- most energetic
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people i've ever known in my entire life. >> she went to the music festival on monday night and hadn't been seen since. that prompted family and friends to lead a search. then yesterday the disturbing news no one was prepared to hear. they found her body covered in snow about ten feet from the road. police believe she may have been tried to walk back to her hotel. all turned to her free spirited and free will both evidence at an early age. she was the only girl in petaluma that was playing little league partly due to her skills in second base, they made it all the way to the city championship game. >> it's a joy to have her. from that parted of her life everybody would remember her. >> the family has been caught in a whirlwind of emotions and now
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leaning on each other for supported as they deal with a daughter, sister and friend. >> she will be missed by us every day. >> there are three other venues holding fund-raisers in honor of her tonight. pongo's kitchen and another restaurant in santa rosa. they will donate 15% of the sales to the family that will donate organizations to help find missing and exploited children. there were no signs of a trauma to the body and no signs of foul play. the family cannot prepare a service before they have her body back from the corner coroner where they have to perform a full autopsy. there has been another tragedy in aurora, colorado. four people are dead after a hostage standoff. s.w.a.t. teams were called in after a woman called 911 for a
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shooting. the woman eggs kiachd and she said she saw three bodies that appeared to be lifeless. there was a gunfight with an armed man that later died. violence was put into the national shot light where 12 people were killed in a movie theater. the president has promised quick action on new gun control laws following the school shooting in newtown, connecticut including gun show loopholes that make it easier to buy a gun. the prospect of more laws have sparked a run on guns. >> the shadow of newtown fill off this gun show in connecticut the organizers declined a request from the town's mayor to cancel the event. >> if you cancel it a lot of people are hurt by it. because a lot of people make a living by this. >> more other gun shows have been calmed off. another has agreed not to display military style
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semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines but attendance is up like in ones in minnesota. that amid talk of new gun bans coming out of washington. >> a lot of people the government is going to take strong action to limit possession and everybody wants to get their toys. >> they reported a 2.8 million background checks for would be gun bearings. 49% increase. some gun stores have trouble keeping shelves filled. >> sold 59 rifles in three days. >> more people are taking shooting instruction. >> we went from one class a month to three classes a month. >> it's privacy against the press. editors of a journal news have made public the names and addresses of everyone holding a gun permit in two counties north of new york city complete with a map. now a third county is refusing
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to hand over its list of permit holders and sticking to its guns. newspaper has hired armed guards in the wake after an angry backlash. >> it is a chilly and wet night in the city of san francisco. we saw rain through the evening and definitely umbrella weather. meteorologist leigh glaser shows us what the storm looks like on live doppler. >> some locations getting a little bit of a break in the rain right now, but other locations seen moderate rain. live doppler showing you the lows right here, check out the counterclockwise spin. we'll take you up to north bay, that is where some of the moderate rain has been off and on. we'll take you up to st. helena road in between st. helena, you can see the oranges and reds denoting very moderate rain. santa rosa down to rohnert park
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starting to see it oogs acts bit and american canyon and this band of showers will be heading towards redwood city and campbell in the next 15 minutes or so. heavy showers down to santa cruz and scotts valley, heading toward the summit road and enhancement as the low tracks to the south. how much rain and when will it end? forecast coming up. >> ama: coming up, prices for burning margin tickets are going up. plus the victim of a stolen phone tracks down the thief. how he got it back using an online dating site. a fight over ketchup on a flight no testing this crew. no testing this crew. these rockers well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows.
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tickets for the burning man festival will jump in price. 51,000 tickets will be sold for $380 each that is up from $240 since last year. it will be first come first serve. 10,000 tickets will go on sale january 30th and another 40,000 will be available january 13th. >> an employee is in trouble after he threatened a man that ordered ketchup at his sub. he ordered a philly steak and the employee refused. the customer got nearly turned violent. >> she shoved the chair to the side and knocked it down. i said this is going to be serious. fight me like a man.
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>> i was scared. guns going to come out. >> two did not fight. the employee was fired though he was not arrested but because he blocked the customer from leaving the state attorney generals office will investigate. >> an iphone thief was tracked down. and we saw rain in the bay area, meteorologist leigh glaser is up next with the accu-weather forecast. >> as good as the warriors looks they looked equally bad in l.a.
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a new york man who lost his iphone resorted to a unique plan to get it back, high-tech trickery. >> he left his iphone 4 in a taxi on new year's eve. >> i immediately used my friend's phone to call it up to see what was going on but it was turned off. >> he is one of thousands falling prey sweeping the country, apple picking the stacks of apple products caught on tape. nearly 16,000 were reported this year in the big apple keeping new york police busy. >> if you took out apple products, total crime rate would be lower than it was last year. >> but unlike most victims he got a lucky break. the crook started sending messages using his oakland profile trolling for dates. >> he was using my account to
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send messages to girls. >> he set up his own sting creating a phony pro positive file. >> my best version is adding winky face. >> the thief took the bait, you want to meet. he replied, yeah, i kind of do. when he asked, will you kiss me, well, i don't have a boyfriend. they don't have a plan to meet up at his apartment. >> i confronted him like here, i put the $20 in the hand and to diffuse but i had a hammer in my hand. >> the thief handed over the phone and took the money and ran. >> she was dressed in nice jacked and shirt and had a bottle of wine in his hand. >> according to him, the thief only used the okay cupid online dating applications.
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leigh glaser is checking our weather. we had rain today. >> we have rain. pretty good clip. we'll show you outside from sutro cam, very foggy out there. limited visibility. not only do you have to deal with steady areas of rain, also reduced visibility. that is going to cause some delays more than likely. bay area airports tomorrow morning. live doppler 7-hd. we are getting some breaks as the cold front is easing inland. that is in the north bay and peninsula but it is slowly started to fill back in. north bay, i can see forestville and back to rohnert park and petaluma gag slight respite. st. helena, yountville have been hit with rain. break from hayward and fremont much of the east bay, light amounts of rain.
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it's starting to gather near the coast. this one here showing the yellow and this one will move in los gatos. these cells are moving from southwest to northeast. fremont, hayward you are getting a break but all of this will cross over the bay and move into union city and fremont and en tense fies my a little bit. boulder creek, scotts valley, all the way down to aptos, this is line of very heavy rain heading towards los gatos and moving into the campbell area. i suspect in the 15, 20 minutes you can see on the back edge of this frontal system right here where things are starting to enhance a bit, i wouldn't be surprised if we sue a little bit of lightning or clap of thunder as colder air mass starts to roll on in. pretty much rain overnight, possibility of thunder with
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morning showers, afternoon clearing and get ready for dry, warmer conditions as we head into monday and tuesday. cold front is brlg in here. low is centered here off the coast. remember, that wrap around moisture that is feeding in. that is where the enhancement is the next two or three hours, we could possibly see a little bit of thunder or hear a little bit of thunder. you can see the moisture feeding in on our forecast time line. a little bit of clearing in the north bay. as the day goes on, the low will sag to south and clearing through north and south by sunday afternoon, a little bit of sunshine. winds behind the system out of the north will pick up for windy nephew afternoon. less than an inch across much of the bay area. lows tonight, upper 30s in the north bay.
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a lies tinge on higher peaks otherwise clearing from north to south. temperatures will be cool in the 50s in much of the bay area. santa cruz, 54 and 53 for hollister. seven-day forecast, two dry days and warm things up monday and tuesday. slight chance of showers returning wednesday and thursday. there you go. >> ama: a little clearer for the 49ers. >> we were talking about the weather forecast. it looks okay at this point. it is set, 49ers and packers next saturday a at ka7bd will stick, green bay blasting an undermanned team tonight at lambeau. unable to go with an elbow injury. joe webb started.
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packers on to a drive, 7-3 pack. joe west over his head trips over matthews, 180 wards, one interception. it's too easy and touchdown just before the half gives green bay 17-3 lead. aaron rodgers, one touchdown here, nine yards, gets in, packers pummel minnesota and come to san francisco a week from tonight. early game, houston and cincinnati, texans beat the bengals last year. justin jumps in front of the pack, 21 yards for a 7-6 lead. foster, 140 yards on the ground. it's now 16-7. less than three minutes, bengals trail, going for the end zone, overthrows a.j. green and on the
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next play, dalton throws short to marvin jones, never had a chance to get the first down, ner saw the ball again. beaten by houston, texans play at new england next sunday. >> warriors with a win over the clippers on wednesday night. that was at oracle, tonight's game at staples in l.a. they got serious revenge. curry, no -- that is the rest of it, right. and he knocking it in and two of 11, 14 first quarter points. it was 23-6 and that is harrison barnes but here comes the clippers, he made it 35-12. and win over the lakers drains the 3. 48-25. how good was it going for l.a.? shot clock winding down.
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serious blow on what is happening, 94-56. late:30 quarter. >> gary wanted a full house for the home game versus gonzaga but students are still out on winter break. he offered hundred dollar hotel reimbursements out of his own pocketed for people that didn't have anywhere to stay tonight. the play is going crazy. then the opening tip. he throws it down, 33 on the game for him. kevin foster, 29, broncos trailed by 7 at the half. zags are up by 2, pretty reverse broncos played well, 81-74. >> randy bennett and st. mary's, st. mary's, george, look at this and count it. gales up 3 at the half.
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he had 12 off the pine and 50-41 and gales are pulling away. here is a steal and hanging and finishing 17, 74-61 and st. mary's are now 12-3. >> stanford's in southern california, they lost 15 of their last 16. cardinals and browns, he goes lefty jump hook and big second half. 17 of his 23. 68-60 is the final. tonight at 11:00, cal and usf both in action. we'll have those highlights and hear from along rogers to face the 49ers. >> big game. thank you. >> no debating, this band has metal in its soul. we'll liu]+w87@├žoj
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